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The cost of exorbitant booking fees and forced high prices on the major booking sites, are paid by you! A direct contact to the hotels and hosts, leads to better deals and lower prices!

Skip the hassle of searching online.
Let us put you in personal contact with the hotels and hosts

Sign up, send one enquiry, and the participating hotels and hosts will return with a tailor made and personal offer

Fill in the place, date and details and sit back while you wait for your personal offer from all the secret hotels and hosts!

Choose the offer that best matches your needs.

Check your personal offers and choose the best. It's that simple! Enjoy your vacation!

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Are you tired of high commissions from OTA´s And in some cases so-called rate-parity ? Do you need a real overview of who is searching for accommodations in your area? Then take a look at this!

Secret hotel guide aims to provide guests and hotels at unbeatable prices, and establish personal contact between guests and accommodations.

Secret gives you the opportunity to offer special time-limited deals and offers,

Only guests can see offers on our unique closed system.

After you register your accommodation with us,

the next step is to wait for requests in your area, which we will notify you about automatically via e-mail

As soon as there are people doing searches in your area,you will receive a notification, afterwards it only takes a few clicks to send a private special time limited offer direct to the guest through our unique system

The offer will only be visible to the select guest looking for accommodations in your area, and will automatically disappear when your specified time limit expires.

If the guest accept the offer, you will receive instant confirmation, and all relevant data, such as name, address, E-Mail and phone number via email.

Payment is made directly from the guest, to the accommodation.

Low commission.

No matter how large your accommodation/Hotel is, the commission always the same low, only 10 € per booking made via

regardless of the amount and length of the booking

And of course You are always free to cancel your account at any time. We don't require you to sign contracts.