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Holiday in Vestjylland

If you're looking for a holiday destination that's a little rough around the edges, yet has a world of charm and warmth within, then Vestjylland (West Jutland) should be on your itinerary. The western region of Denmark is well known for it's wild, wind-blown beaches (great for water sports), rolling dunes and heathlands. However, the interior is a lot milder and is home to large forest plantations and is steeped in cultural history.

Accommodation in West Jutland

There are many beautiful accommodation options in Vestjylland,

Top Attractions in West Jutland:-

Jyllands Park Zoo

Jyllands Park Zoo is a large zoo which has made steady progress in upgrading its facilities over the course of the last decade. The park has animals that include giraffes and other exotic animals. For kids who want to get some extra activity during their visit, there is also a large play area. Jyllands Park Zoo has a farm-like environment that puts families right in the midst of some fascinating and wonderful creatures.


A water park that features both indoor and outdoor activities, Lalandia has a wide range of activities that can accommodate the needs of children and adults alike. The park features a large Aquadome as well as a number of baby pools, a sports area, and a lazy river. There are also non-water activities such as mini-golf, bowling, and arcade games. Anybody can find something fun for them here.

Vestjylland is a great place for people who want to get out and see what Denmark has to offer. With wonderful scenery, historical architecture, and a great nightlife, this area of the country has it all.

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