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The cost of exorbitant booking fees and forced high prices on the major booking sites, are paid by you! A direct contact to the hotels and hosts, leads to better deals and lower prices!

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Terms and conditions.

The following information concerns the use of online booking. It deals with how we treat your personal information when using online booking, how you will receive a receipt for your purchase and much more.


All prices in online booking are written in Danish kroner with sales tax included unless otherwise stated.Payment is made by using one of the approved credit cards in online booking, including Dankort, Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard and Diners among others.

Shipping and delivery

When you book a Hotel room, cabin, Summerhouse, you will see a contract with the billing information and purchase information on the screen at the end of the booking process. This contract can be printed out from the homepage. If you supply a valid e-mail address you will also receive an e-mail with this information.

Delivery of the product which you have booked online starts when you arrive at your hotel, cabin, Summerhouse on the day of arrival and ends on the departure date. Both of these dates are written in the contact mentioned above.

Cancellation and money back

You can cancel your online booking on the following terms and conditions which may be subject also to the terms and conditions individual hotels:

While our bookings have a 100% non-cancellable/non-refundable policy, in the event that you contact us to request to cancel your booking, we will contact the relevant Supplier. However, you are also bound by their terms and conditions and where a cancellation is or not possible, plus charges may apply.

Privacy and handling of personal information register your name, address, email address and other information given when booking online. This information is kept in our customer database. The information is not given to a third party but the registration is retained by for 5 years. uses server side cookies plus a secure connection to ensure the information you give when using online booking remains secure.

Payment with a credit card happens on a secure server where the information is encrypted before being sent over the internet.

Contact information

If you for some reason do not receive your contract which confirms your purchase, or you notice errors in your contract from the online booking system, then please take immediate contact using the information below.

Any complaint concerning the booking process must be received within a reasonable time after you have received your contract. Complains can be either by email or by phone.

When receives a complaint about a product the complaint will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Vestervej 13

6792 Rømø

Tlf.: +45 21274101


VAT ID-Number:30292332

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