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Holiday in Bornholm

Located in the Baltic Sea, the island of Bornholm is approximately 227 square miles. It lies in the Capital Region of Denmark, but is also very close to Sweden, Germany, and Poland. The winters in Bornholm can get very cold but remain quite beautiful, with lots of mountains and natural wonders nearby. Summer is very temperate, with opportunities for hiking, swimming, and more activities that tourists of any age can enjoy.

Accommodation in Bornholm

Bornholm is home to several dozen different hotels, inns, and bnb's. Some of the most highly regarded family hotels offers balcony views of the Baltic Sea, and are well-known for its excellent service. I

Top Attractions in Bornholm:-


The largest medieval fortification in all of Scandinavia, Hammershus is a 13th century castle which was believed to be the residence of the archbishop of Lund. The ruins are still in remarkably good shape considering their age. They include a great stone wall that stretched for almost half a mile as well as large portions of the towers that once overlooked the island.

Dueodde Beach

Located on the southern tip of Bornholm, Dueodde is a large sandy beach that stretched for more than 19 miles. The beach is covered in a very fine white sand that provides a unique look and texture which cannot be found in most places on Earth. Dueodde is also home to a pair of historic lighthouses which can be viewed from afar but which are not themselves open to the public. The forest near Dueodde has a pair of unfinished gun batteries left over from World War II, which attracts many history buffs.


Despite its very small size – or, more likely, because of it – Gudhjem is a popular location for tourists interested in trying out local cuisine and getting a "slice of life" feel when it comes to rural Denmark. Gudhjem only has a population of slightly more than 700 people, but it is home to many fishermen, fine pubs, and smokehouses. It also has Denmark's largest windmill, the Gudhjem Mølle.

Karamel Kompagniet

While Gudhjem's 1,000-year-old history provides a lot of attractions for tourists, the most popular stop in the village is Karamel Kompagniet, where you can purchase delicious hand-made caramels and other candies. The manufacturing area is left wide open so you can see how your caramel is made, and the samples and products available simply can't be beaten anywhere else.

Bornholm Visitor Center

One of the first places many people visit when they get to Bornholm is the Visitor Centre. This center provides information that can help travelers from anywhere in the world find the food, services, and hotels they need in order to enjoy their stay to the fullest. The staff is extremely friendly and the center itself provides plenty of terrific services that should leave you feeling like a welcome guest when you arrive at Bornholm.

A holiday in Bornholm presents tourists with a chance to view some of the best scenery Denmark has to offer. It also provides a lot of local charm and interesting sites, from simple rustic locations such as Gudhjem to beautiful natural wonders such as Dueodde Beach.

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