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Holiday in Østjylland

While West Jutland is known for being quite wild, East Jutland (or Østjylland in Danish) is a lot tamer with green, glacial carved, rolling hills and what many consider to be the perfect contrast of new and old. Tourists visiting this part of Denmark have the choice of a myriad of outdoor activities – from walking along a beach or boating on a fjord – in addition to enjoying the more modern city life, such as in Denmark's second largest city of Aarhus.

Accommodation in East Jutland

When it comes to accommodation options in Østjylland, there are options that range from well received mid-high range hotels to charming BnB's – all of which are generally affordably priced

Top Attractions in East Jutland:-


Also called the Jutland Louisiana because of its proximity to the water, Trapholt is a museum of modern art ideal for people who want to experience what the Danish have to offer in terms of visual style. This art museum's layout is based on the Guggenheim in New York but has its own distinct flair. It includes paintings, sculptures, and abstract art that should be of interest to anybody who has an eye for the visual arts.


Lying on the south central part of the peninsula, Koldinghus is a ruined former royal castle that is nearly 800 years old. Originally created by King Christoffer I and then expanded upon multiple times by the king's descendants, the architecture is almost seamless but has subtle differences upon further examination. The castle features a museum that has paintings, furniture, and other crafts that are over five centuries old.

Gorilla Park Vejle

People who want to get some hands-on activity while also exploring the scenery and culture of Denmark would be well-served to book a trip to Gorilla Park Vejle. This park has something for everybody, including ropes courses for people who want to get up high in the trees and plenty of outdoor walking paths. Kids can enjoy the simpler courses, while adults will be able to find whatever level of challenge fit their preferred level of physical activity.

Mols Bjerge National Park

A relatively new national park that was only inaugurated in 2009, Mols Bjerge is nonetheless huge and breathtakingly beautiful. The park measures 69 square miles in size and has hills that climb as high as 449 feet in elevation. It contains more than half of all the wild plant species found in Denmark, making this location a true delight for anybody interested in the natural beauty that the country has to offer.

Moesgaard Museum

Established in 1970, this major regional museum is dedicated to archaeology and ethnography. This is an open-air museum that allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in modern-day Denmark while they also take time to learn about the many periods of Danish history and culture. Some of the main attractions include ancient Viking houses and the vast Moesgaard Manor.

Djurs Sommerland

Just north of Nimtofte lies Djurs Sommerland, which is a popular amusement park that caters to both kids and adults. The part opens in early May each year and remains open until mid-September. During that time, it attracts more than 600,000 visitors every year, making it one of the largest tourist attractions in all of Denmark. The park features five roller coasters, three water rides, and many more events and rides that provide all manner of fun.

Givskud Zoo

Originally a zoo that only housed lions, this attraction has changed in a lot of ways in its almost five decades of operation. The zoo is now home to more than 700 animals from seven different special and receives more than 300,000 visitors on an annual basis. Some of the most famous animals at this zoo include the very rare white rhino and the silverback gorilla.

Ost for Paradis

One of the best cinemas in Europe, Ost for Paradis is a great way to catch some local culture and see what sort of films exist outside the Hollywood machine. This cinema often shows festival movies from Europe and Asia, and there is almost always sure to be something playing that you and your family will enjoy. The atmosphere is great, the quality is beyond excellent, and the staff is always friendly.

Østjylland is a land of terrific art, wonderful scenery, and activities all around. The entire family, both young and old, should have no end to the excitement that this region offers.

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