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Holiday in Nordjylland

Situated in the very north of Denmark, North Jutland (Nordjylland in Danish) is an island with a total area of 7,933km2 and an approximate population of 580,273. It has a unique geography as it is separated from the mainland by Limfjord which is famous for shallow waters that warm quickly in Summer, and often ice over in Winter. The region is full of natural wonders, and is a great holiday destination for people of all ages.

Accommodation and Hotels in North Jutand

There are a huge variety of accommodation options in Nordjylland which range from Hotels and nice boutique hotels. Bed and breakfast,Campsites.

Top Attractions in North Jutland:-

Aalborg City

Aalborg is the region's capital and is situated along Limfjord. It's a bustling community and caters to all tastes. It's possible to enjoy a long walk along the newly renovated waterfront on a Sunny day, visit the culturally vibrant Utzon Center, take the kids to Aalborg Zoo, view the Franciscan Monastery Museum, or go shopping at Aalborg Storcenter. There are also a wide range of restaurants and pubs for lunch and evening meals, as well as clubs and venues for night time entertainment.


At the very tip of Denmark is the popular seaside city of Skagen which lies between two oceans and has a very special light which drew the famous Skagen Painters during the 19th century. Being so north means it has the longest days in Summer, which provides ample opportunity to enjoy the many cafes, restaurants, white sandy beaches, and Denmark's largest drifting sand dune – Råbjerg Mile. In Grenen a few km's north of the town, visitors can place each of their feet in two different seas – Kattegat and Skagarak.

Fårup Sommerland

Just outside of Aalborg between the beach towns of Blokhus and Løkken is the highly regarded Fårup Sommerland amusement park. There is a 4D cinema, bumper boats, canoes and small rides for the whole family, as well as more extreme rides for the adrenaline junkies – including Falken, Colorado River, The Hurricane and more. They also have a fun aqua park for the warmer Summer months. Make sure to check opening times as the park is only open between April and October – with certain closed days.

Nordøren Oceanarium

Another fun activity for the whole family is Nordøren Oceanarium which is Northern Europe's largest aquarium. Here it's possible to watch feedings (including seals), get a close up of a ship wreck, and view many of the native reefs and oceanic wildlife of the North Sea.

Natural Wonders

If you are more of an outdoor person (or family), then you're in for a treat. There are many trails along the east and west coastlines, with the west side being more famous for sheer cliffs and wild seas, and the east for calmer seas. Both offer the chance for swimming and other water activities, although the east side is more well behaved. Visitors should also visit the National Park of Thy which is Denmark's first designated National Park.

There are many islands that are worth a visit, which includes Fur that lies in the Limfjord where it's possible to search for fossilizations on the beach, and the car-free Livø which is beautiful in its own right and is popular for viewing sunbathing seals.

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