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Holiday in Copenhagen

A community that began as a fishing village in the 10 th century, Copenhagen has grown to become one of the most well-known vacation sites in Denmark. It has a population of over 1.2 million people and many amenities that appeal to locals and tourists alike. Copenhagen has attractions, shops, and sights to suit every taste and interest. Most of the attractions are within walking distance. The most famous sites are most likely Tivoli, The little Mermaid, and the free town of Christiania, which was founded in 1971 by a group of hippies.

Accommodation and hotels in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is home to accommodation options that include options as simple as a rustic hotel stay to something as luxurious as a five-star Hotels and all-expenses paid vacation packages. Most places to stay in the city itself provide great views of the historical buildings and the coast, with many luxury hotels lined up on the beach or near the water.

Top Attractions in Copenhagen:-

The Little Mermaid

Possibly the most famous attraction in Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid statue. While the Little Mermaid is best known to Americans as a film by Walt Disney, its origins lie in Denmark with the Hans Christian Anderson tale from the 19 th century. The Little Mermaid is a statue carved in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen which depicts this popular fairy tale character in eerie beauty. The statue can be found in Copenhagen Harbor and is visited by hundreds of tourists on a daily basis, many of whom are taken with the amazing detail that Jacobsen put into this work of art.


For those who are interested in the historic corners of Copenhagen, the Nyhavn district offers some wonderful places to visit, from bookstores to coffee shops to museums to historical wooden ships. Nyhavn is more than 300 years old, with many of the buildings in the area sporting the same look that they did centuries ago. The district is lined with a canal for easy travel by boat and has several impressive mansions along the canal, including the well-known Charlottenborg Palace.

Freetown Christiania

One of the more modern areas of Copenhagen, Freetown Christiania was established in 1971 when a group of hippies took up residence in some abandoned military barracks, unknowingly making history in doing so. In the four decades since, the residents of this neighborhood have declared autonomy from the rest of the city. There are no cars here, but there are guided tours through this unique and interesting area. Photographs and videos are not recommended, but those who take a tour through the area will come away with an experience of a lifetime. Those who stay can find some campsites or family hotels that should be to their liking.


The most popular shopping area in Copenhagen, Strøget is a massive car free area that allows tourists to walk around and purchase anything they need. The pedestrian shopping street that runs through the center of town is the longest in all of Europe, coming in at more than a full kilometer in length. This area has been car-free since 1962, allowing pedestrians a lot of freedom in their shopping.

Copenhagen is home to many fascinating places, amazing architecture, and areas of natural beauty. Despite having more than a million residents, the city doesn't feel crowded or polluted. This is a place filled to the brim with art, luxury, and history. Anybody who is interested in learning more about the roots of modern Denmark and Europe as a whole will definitely benefit from a vacation in this lovely area.

Enjoy your holiday in Copenhagen.

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