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Holiday in Sydjylland

Sydjylland (South Jutland) has always been strategically important and has a unique and interesting history as it's changed hands between Denmark and Germany several times over the centuries. The contrast of influences can be easily be seen as you travel through the area and visit the ancient towns, castles, cathedrals and museums. This contrast is also seen naturally, with the Little Belt Strait and lush farmland in the east, and dunes and marshland in the west.

Accommodation in South Jutland

Those looking for accommodation in Sydjylland will be spoilt for choice, and especially so for family vacations. Legoland in Billund is a great option for young children, as is the Lalandia Resort

Top Attractions in South Jutland:-


Opened in 2005 and originally known as Danfoss Universe, this amusement park is devoted to educating children and adults alike in matters of science and technology. In addition to a lot of educational content, the park has its share of fun for children as well. For example, there is a chance to meet the popular game characters from Pixeline or the opportunity to see explosive science in action at the Science Circus.

Dybbøl Banke Battlefield Centre

Dybbøl is a small town with a population of around 2,500 people. It has historical significance because it was part of two major battles in the two Wars of Schleswig. The village has a memorial dedicated to these battles and is a great place to find souvenirs and historical accounts of these wars. The town is also the home of Dybbøl Mill, which has such significance that it has become a Danish national symbol.

Strandvejen 82

A Danish specialty shop located in Henne, this small store has become famous for its high quality and service. This is a great place to pick up some traditional Danish food and sweets, with many of the items being prepared right in front of you. The shop is well-regarded for its high level of service and even has reasonable prices despite the fact that it is frequented by so many tourists.

Blaavand Beach

A picturesque beach that lies in the northern part of the region, Blaavand is a delightful sand beach that is within walking distance of town. The winds tend to pick up quite a bit on the beach, which means that you should dress appropriately if you visit during the winter. However, the summer months should be just right, and the presence of a well-kept lighthouse nearby makes this area even more interesting.


If you're interested in exploring the nightlife around Sydjylland, Kosmorama is a great place to visit. This area is home to many cultural activities and special events, but it is also a screening location for popular movies, a backdrop for concerts, and a venue for other art events. If you want to experience some of the fun culture that makes Denmark great, this is a place you should take some time to visit.

Sydjylland is a great place that is home to many of Denmark's most historical and culturally significant sites. Anybody making a trip through the region should take at least a little time to visit this area.

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