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Holiday in Vestsjælland

West Zealand (Vestsjælland in Danish), refers to the central-western part of the island of Zealand with an area of 2,984km2 and a population of approximately 307,207 (as of 2006). West Zealand offers variety like nowhere else in Denmark, with rolling, picturesque hills, islands, sandy beaches, idyllic countryside with beautiful villages; as well as a multitude of heritage sites – particularly Viking related including fortresses and ships. This area has a much more relaxed atmosphere than other parts of Denmark, and should not be skipped from any itinerary.

West Zealand Accommodation

People looking to spend some time in Vestsjælland will be happy to know that there are a myriad of accommodation options which includes campsites in gorgeous locations, family hotels, farm stays, BnB's and even castles

Top Attractions in West Zealand:-

Sct. Bendts Kirke

An ancient church that is open for only a few hours each day, this site contains the remains of members of a Benedictine monastery. The church holds royal tombs that the final resting place for some of the most notable people in Denmark's history, including Queen Dagmar and Valdemar the Victorious. In addition to this slice of history, the church also holds some amazing classic architecture that will take your breath away. Anybody who has an appreciation for religious history or terrific architecture will find something they like about a visit to this location.

Viking Ship Museum

Denmark is one of the original land of the Vikings, and West Zealand has one of the most prominent remains from this ancient culture in the Viking Ship Museum. This museum has several exhibits and video walkthroughs of Viking culture, but most people who visit are likely most interested in seeing the ships themselves. Luckily, they won't be disappointed. The ship museum is home to five ancient Viking ships, all of which have been well-maintained through the centuries. Some of these ships were built as many as 900 years ago and came to Denmark after sailing all across the European coastline.


Storebæltsforbindelsen, known to English speakers as the Great Belt Fixed Link, is a massive extension bridge that connects the islands of Zealand and Funen. The bridge itself has three tiers: a road suspension bridge, a railway tunnel, and a box girder bridge. Over a mile long at its longest span, this is a great chance to look out over the Baltic Sea and witness the beauty that exists all around you in Denmark. Very windy days do create some strong cross breezes along this bridge, so those who get uneasy under such circumstances might want to plan their trips accordingly.

West Zealand is a great place to enjoy some history, witness some terrific scenery, or see what common life is like in Denmark. It is a place of variety and intrigue, and it is an excellent tourist destination.

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